Womens Fashion

We carry a huge selection of various women's fashions, stylish, classy, casual, work and party ware. Check out our range of products and help support Rotary.

Womens Shoes

Looking for some cool womens shoes, check out the massive selection we offer, classy, casual, night ware, business ware and much more. Help support your local Rotary Club

Womens Bags

Massive collection of the latest fashion in hand bags are available now. We have a variety of small, large, elegant, business ware and casual hand bags. See what we have to offer and support your local Rotary with a purchase right here.

Mens Fashion

When it comes to mens fashion, our team wants you to look super cool, so check out what we have on offer and make an impact next time your are in the office.

Phone Accessories

Need phone accessories, we have some awesome products available that are have some massive discounts. All orders support the local Rotary Club.

Computer Accessories

Looking for some computer accessories and want to get them at the right price - well look no further not only will you get great prices but also help support your local Rotary Club.

Pet Products

We all love our pets, and we want to give them all the love possible. So lets spoil our feline friends, pooches, birds and all those other loving pets, order something today to let them know how much you love them. 


No need to spend a fortune to look a million dollars, we carry a huge range of jewelry for all occasions, be it business, casual, fashion or just something to make you feel special.

About us.

Rotary Club of Wyndham Harbour

Welcome to our platform where we are here to help serve you with a fantastic range of products, whilst we support the local community through the proceeds raised from these sales. Our objective with this website is to source high quality products from overseas locations and offer them to you at the lowest possible prices. The significant savings are obtained by us not carrying the stock locally, but sourcing it directly for you. Due to these products being sourced from overseas there might be delays in shipping however we will be monitoring the progress of your purchase the whole way. To ensure there are no issues, our dedicated team is here to follow through the transaction to make sure you get your goods as soon as possible.

We look forward to serving you and having your support will help us serve the local communities.

All prices are incl GST and in AUD.

Learn more about us online: https://rotaryclubofwyndhamharbour.org.au